There are certain times of the year when wedding favors become "to die for." Fall is just one of those times of year when everyone wants the wedding favors your handing out at your Gilbert wedding. 

Why? Well, because most Fall wedding favors involve a little something sweet, and maybe not so practical, but everyone wants one. 

Here are a few Fall wedding favor ideas...

Caramel Apples: I think these have to be one of my favorite Fall wedding favors. You just can't go wrong with caramel apples. Whether you have a caramel apple dipping station at your wedding reception, or you're handing them out as favors, no Fall wedding in Gilbert, Arizona is complete without caramel apples. 

Meant to Bee: I love the idea of taking something seasonal and local and adding some fun wedding flair to it. Take honey, for example. You can get local honey at places like Schnepf Farms, have it specially packaged for your wedding and add a fun saying like Meant To Bee.

Candles: No Fall is complete without beautifully scented candles. While we might not have the scents of Fall here in Gilbert, we can improvise with pine cone candles and fire starters! You can even add a cute saying like "You melt our hearts" to your pine cone wedding favor. 

Coffee Beans: You might think of coffee beans as boring and all the same, but that is NOT the case. Consider adding some high-end coffe beans, or coffee grounds, to your Fall wedding as favors! Adding a custom saying like "Thanks for Bean Here" truly puts that personal and fun Fall touch right where you want it!

Fall weddings are magical. They are some of the best weddings we have here at Val Vista Lakes. Adding the perfect wedding favor truly puts that beautifully custom touch to your wedding day!