Wedding cakes have come a long way from some sugar, flour and eggs. Now, your wedding cake looks nothing like something you'd want to eat because it's too beautiful, especially if your Gilbert wedding is in the Fall. 

Fall wedding cakes have become such a work of art that it can be hard to cut into them, or smash them into your love's face (if that's your thing). 

Today, let's dive into some of the Fall wedding trends that pertain specifically to wedding cakes...

Metallic Cakes: According to The Knot, metallic cakes will be big in the Fall. These are cakes that, once again, are a work of art, highlighted in metallic gold and silver accents. Delicate embroidery in gold feels opulent while geometric shapes create a fresh, modern feel. If an entire tier is too much glitz for you, consider adding a little allover sparkle.

Naked Cakes: Naked cakes are still going to be popular this Fall for your Gilbert wedding. Naked cakes are great for those looking for something unique and not as sweet. 

Painted Fall Colors: Painted cakes are truly a work of art. Either sprayed with beautifully colored frosting, or dabbed with paint-like splashes or color, painted cakes will be huge this Fall.

Woodland Wedding Cakes: Of course, no Fall wedding would be complete without a touch of nature. Many couples want their cakes to taste as delicious as they are beautiful, and a natural, minimalist woodland aesthetic is a great way to let the cake and frosting do all the talking. Add some colors of Fall and nature to make this cake as beautiful as it is yummy.

There are so many great ways to take advantage of beautiful Fall weather. You wedding cake is just one.