There's something about this time of year in Gilbert, Arizona. Maybe it's because the weather is beautiful outside...not quite summer heat but past the chilly temperatures of winter. 

Maybe it's because it's the one time of the year when everyone feels excited about the possibilities of what summer might hold, or a new adventure, or the promise of 2017.

For me, it's the colors. It's the beautiful flowers in bloom, the green trees, wildflowers on the side of the highway, and Easter colors. It's the kids dressed in their adorable Easter outfits, with pink and blue and green and orange Easter baskets, searching through the colorful flowers for eggs. 

Yep, it's definitely the colors of Spring that I love. You know, they also make for great wedding colors!

Colorful Centerpieces

I love the idea of adding splashes of color to your wedding. And there is no better time of year to add a bunch of different Springtime colors then for you Gilbert, Easter wedding.

Check out this centerpiece from Pinterest:


Pink is definitely a Springtime color, particularly for an Easter wedding. How about some different shades of pink for your flower arrangements:

Throw It Back

This is also a great time of year to bring back some vintage charm with subtle colors of the season:

Custom Eggs

I know this one sounds a bit strange, but eggs and Easter just go together. If you're having a Gilbert, Easter wedding, then you should definitely consider this beautiful addition:

No matter what you decide to do for your Easter wedding theme, or Springtime wedding theme, here in Gilbert, Arizona, don't forget to take a tour of Val Vista Lakes!! There really is no other venue in the valley with the beautiful Springtime scenery...including a waterfall backdrop with luscious greenery and blooming flowers, and our beachfront property!!