We've done blogs on donut themed weddings before, but there's just something about this time of year that makes us want sugar and warmth. So, why not combine that with your Gilbert wedding?

You'd be surprised how many people questions, "Does it get cold in Arizona?" I'll admit it, before I moved here, personally, I didn't think Arizona got chilly, or snow. But as the kids bundled up this morning for school, we definitely feel the chill in the air this time of year, and we LOVE it. 

It's funny how most Arizonans live for this time of year. And, it's no coincidence why this is the time of year for weddings!! Beautiful, elegant, Fall and Winter weddings.

So, donuts, hot chocolate, and weddings really do go hand-in-hand this time of year. Let's dive in:

Donut Food Trucks

How about a food truck instead of a donut wall? Maybe a food truck with donuts, sweets, and hot chocolate?! I just love this idea. It's a bit outside of the box and yet still so aligned with the holidays and the season.

Donut Wall with Hot Chocolate Bar

If you are going to have a donut wall for your wedding, you absolutely have to combine it with a hot chocolate bar!



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