It’s the end of the night, the wedding ceremony was a complete success, the reception was “off the hook” as they say, and the DJ is playing the final song. 

It’s bittersweet, really, as your guests began to thin out and a small sense of reality begins to set in telling you that you are married and this day you’ve been planning for is coming to an end.

But do you have a plan to make sure everything is taken care of at the end of the night? An aspect of the big day that any couples tend to forget about is what happens at the end of the night. Who gets the presents collected? Who breaks down any rental equipment?

The expert wedding professionals here at Val Vista Lake just wanted to remind you of a few end of the night details…

Don’t Forget About Personal Belongings
It can get crazy at the end of the night, when the limo arrives, the guests line up and you’re running out the door to your honeymoon or hotel. So before the wedding be sure to assign this task to someone you can trust.

All of your personal items - from the makeup and hair products in the dressing room to the wedding wine glasses at the table - need to be accounted for and packed up.

Don’t Forget About The Presents
You’ll also want to designate someone to pack up your wedding gifts, any signature book you used or photos and any other items from the gift table or venue you need.

Don’t Forget About The Food
Many times, Gilbert wedding caterers will allow leftover food to be boxed up and taken. If the food was amazing, why not have some yummy leftovers. Also, definitely don’t forget about the cake.

Make sure that someone grabs that beautiful wedding cake and topper.

Don’t Forget About The Flowers
Have a plan for the flowers. Often times, wedding flowers make for great home accents. Or dry them out and use some Pinterest ideas to make them last a lifetime.

But if you want to save the flowers, make sure you have a plan for the end of the night.

Don’t Forget To Break Down Rentals
If you’ve rented any items for the big day, be sure to check with the Gilbert vendor on how those items will be picked up or broken down at the end of the night. In most situations, the wedding vendor who provided the rentals will break them down and pack them up, but just make sure to figure that part out.

There are so many tiny details to planning a wedding that often get overlooked, and the end of the night plan is often one of those things that people don’t think about until it’s, well, the end of the night.

And, of course, you can always ask the wedding professionals here at Val Vista Lakes, your award-winning wedding venue in Gilbert Arizona, for advice and help. But, if you do forget something, not to fret because the wedding pro's at Val Vista Lakes can hold on to it for you and make sure you get it back.