Photo booths are still incredibly popular at weddings around the nation, including right here in Gilbert, Arizona. But, what's become even more popular is DIY wedding photo booths! You can create your own photo space for yourself and your wedding guests simply by using some creative inspiration.

DIY wedding photo booths at Val Vista Lakes can be as creative or as imaginative as your heart desires. Making sure that photo booth matches with your wedding theme is are these three additional tips:

1. Taking Full Advantage of Tech: In one of the examples below, you'll see that an iPad is being used as a selfie booth. What a great idea! Take full advantage of the technology you have by making it easy for your wedding guests to take photos. From providing them with a tablet for selfies, or having a few modern Polaroid cameras handy, there are dozens of great ways to make snapping the perfect DIY wedding photo easy for your guests. 

2. Great Lighting: One element of DIY photo booths that wedding couples often forget is the lightening aspect. You must make sure that your Gilbert DIY photo booth has adequate lighting. One great tip is to talk to your wedding photographer about your photo booth idea and see if she, or he, has any lighting tips. She may even have some extra lighting that you can use!

3. Hashtags: Yes, I know it seems to go without saying, but if you're going to have a DIY wedding photo booth you must have a hashtag! 

Now, let's get to some examples...