There are a million things that you are worried about as you plan your Arizona wedding; what will your color scheme be? Will the weather corporate? Who will cater? What venue will you choose? It’s all very overwhelming, and sometimes going DIY to save money can be more stress than it’s worth. However, in today’s economy when everyone is trying to save money, DIY can be your best friend, not your worst enemy. So, for this article, let’s talk about some amazing ideas for a DIY guest book.

DIY Wedding Guest Books
The guest book at the wedding is really a last thought, right? I mean, out of all the planning and worrying, the book that you can buy from any craft or wedding store doesn’t take up too much of your time. But, that guest book can be far more than just a few signatures that will get stashed away in a box when you get back from your honeymoon. It can be more than just the usual “Congrats” signatures and “Well wishes.” The guest book can be a masterpiece, a work of art, a creative success that you can’t wait to hang on a wall or place out for everyone to see. wishing tree guest book

We’ve come across some very interesting and creative wedding guest book ideas that we wanted to share with our wonderful couples:

Wishing Tree – Instead of the usual “Congrats” signatures that everyone receives in their guest book, consider asking for advice. If they’re married, how do they manage to keep each other happy. If they’re single, what have they seen other married couples do? This will get you some creative and entertaining guest book signatures. Purchase a small tree such as a cherry blossom or Manzanita, maybe even some bamboo depending on your wedding theme, and have your wedding guests place their advice onto the tree.

Puzzle Pieces – If you’re looking for something way out there, consider going to your local photographer and asking if it’s possible to have a puzzle made out of your engagement pictures. Have your guests sign the back of each puzzle piece with a quote as to why you and your fiancé fit so perfectly together. When the puzzle is fitted back together, place it in a shadow box or two-sided frame so that you can forever see both the engagement picture and the signatures on the back of each puzzle piece. 

Guest Book Rolodex – Depending on your wedding theme, consider using a rolodex as your guest book. Use the colors of your wedding as separators, and have each guest sign under the letter of their last name. 

Thumbprint Tree – Everywhere we looked online, the thumbprint tree popped up. It’s an incredibly creative idea, and something that will definitely last you a lifetime. Create an image of a tree on poster paper. Have some ink pads available, all different colors, all washable and skin-safe. Have your guests place a thumbprint on the tree for each leaf along with a signature or small saying. This will create an artwork to last a lifetime.

Do you have any creative guest book ideas? Let us know!