As we are getting several choices in almost everything we do or have, same is the case with weddings. There are different types of weddings, from which you can choose the best option for yourself. In this article, we are going to discuss various kinds of weddings, so if you are also planning to get married soon, then you should have a look at this article till the end so that you can find the best choice for yourself. 


Different types of weddings-

In this article, we are going to cover mainly five different types of weddings, from which most of the people choose the best for themselves-

§  Rustic wedding- The first in the list of different type of weddings is Rustic wedding, this is a type of marriage in which the venues or the wedding takes place outdoors. People find various such places where they can have an outdoor wedding. It's called rustic because in such type of wedding you would notice some village-like feeling in it. Several things that you will find in a village would be used.

§  Industrial Wedding- The next type of wedding is Industrial wedding. In such kind of marriage, you would be able to see some modern look to the overall wedding venue, and hence the decoration would also be done in that way. If you want to have a versatile wedding, then this is the perfect choice. 

§  Traditional Wedding- The next in the list of different type of weddings is a traditional wedding. As time passes, the numbers of traditional weddings are decreasing day by day. Such kind of marriages does not take place outdoors, but you will be able to see these type of weddings in properly arranged wedding halls. This is a type of formal wedding, so if you like everything in a formal tone then also you should go for this type of wedding.

§  Destination Wedding- Number of destination weddings are increasing with time passage, people make their wedding memorable by moving to a beautiful place and having their wedding there. Some of the most famous destination weddings are Arizona Wedding, Wedding in Dubai, and many more.   

§  Seasonal Wedding- The next in the list is a seasonal wedding, as people are finding that every season has it's an own problem. So they are trying to opt for a particular season wedding. Some of the examples of seasonal weddings are as follows. The wedding that takes place in the Autumn season, it's known as Fall Wedding. The next most famous seasonal wedding is Winter Wedding.