The first big decision you will make as an engaged couple will be where to have your wedding. You are so excited and will want to start touring wedding venues that are perfect for the two of you. However, there are a few things you will need to know before hand and then some things you will need to know while touring various wedding venues. 

First, you two are going to want to make a guest list, it does not have to be finalized just yet, but you will want to have an estimate as to how many guests you will be expecting. There are some wedding venues that have a limit on the number of guests that it can hold, so it is important you know this number, give or take a few, before going in. Secondly, you two are going to want to pick a date or have an idea as to what month you want to get married in. This will also help when picking a wedding venue, if they do not have the date you want or the month available then that right there will help you make your decision, unless the both of you are open to changing your wedding date. 

You will also need to talk budget or have a ballpark figure of what you would like to spend on the wedding venue alone. When checking out wedding venues as them if they have package deals when talking pricing, this may help with your budget if some things are included and then you do not have purchase something separately, such as catering, cocktail hour, open bar etc. 

The other decisions, such as choosing a photographer, DJ, and the decor will come a little easier after you have chosen your wedding venue.