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5 Expert Tips for Planning the Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring season is no doubt the best period to tie the knot, apart from the fact that it is one of the most romantic seasons of the year it also comes with a lot of great wedding ideas the bride would love. Many people call this period the season of nature. Spring is that time of the year where grass starts to grow again, and flowers begin to boom. It's a beautiful new beginning for any couple and the best time to say 'I do' to the person you love.

Just as we stated earlier on, there are many options for brides who plan to tie the knot during the spring to choose from, but the question is where do you begin? We have got you covered! We have listed below some few expert tips to get you started, read on:

1.    Your wedding venue

You need to consider if you will have an indoor or outside wedding, but whoever way, it is advisable you have a garden venue as your reception venue. However, you also have to make things quick, because it might not be comfortable for your guest to stay for hours in the garden due to the breeze.

2.    Your wedding colors

When deciding on colors, it is advisable that you opt in for colors that will complement spring colors. Some of the common one chosen by brides over the years are mint green, pink or peach. One color that is no doubt the best color you can pick is bright yellow as your primary wedding color and use one color or use two complementing colors to make things look vibrant.

3.    Think layers

Spring is well known for its warm, sunny days and cooler nights, so make sure you include a warmer accessory or two in your bridal getup when planning. One pretty fashion trends you can try out is wedding gowns with sleeves.

4.    Your wedding flowers

With so many beautiful flowers in bloom, use fresh flowers as decoration in your church and reception. Flowers during this season and the cool breeze can prolong the life of freshly-picked flowers so try to stay away from satin flowers because of the freshness and the quality of fresh.

5.    Embrace the season

This is the best time of year to do seasonal food, seasonal flowers, and even seasonal favors. Everything is fresh and lovely, and it will certainly be a better fit for your budget sow hat are you waiting for?

Even with these tips in hand, planning a wedding can be a stressful venture. Don't let it get to you. Remember that above all else, this is your time. So enjoy!

Tips to Plan Your Dream Honeymoon

Your wedding is just the beginning, and there is much more excitement awaiting you while planning your honeymoon as well. From choosing a destination, you are your other half will like to decide on what to bring along on the journey.

When It's Monsoon Season And You're Getting Married...Outside

When It's Monsoon Season And You're Getting Married...Outside

It's very hot. It's also very sticky outside. Monsoon season in Gilbert, Arizona has been rough so far this year. For the past few weeks, it's been pretty relentless. And the humidity has been intense. 

If you're planning your Gilbert wedding, or perhaps about to tie the knot in a matter of weeks or days, there are some things that you can do to beat the heat and the humidity...

5 Hot Wedding Trends for Fall in Arizona

5 Hot Wedding Trends for Fall in Arizona

Fall is nearly here. In know it might not feel like it yet in Gilbert, where the temperatures are still well over 100-degrees, but in just another few months we'll be basking in beautiful weather surrounded by Fall colors...

How to Have a Patriotic, 4th of July Wedding in Gilbert, AZ

How to Have a Patriotic, 4th of July Wedding in Gilbert, AZ

Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! Here in Gilbert, Arizona, we're big fans of this amazing holiday, so why not incorporate your love of country into your wedding?

But, here's the rub. I'm not talking about camo and shotguns. I'm talking about elegance, sophistication, and patriotic charm. 

Here are some ideas we pulled from Pinterest for your patriotic, Independence Day themed wedding...

You Won't Believe These Wedding Cakes are Edible!

You Won't Believe These Wedding Cakes are Edible!

Every once in a while we come across a wedding cake on Pinterest that, quite literally, looks too amazing to eat. When we share these wedding cakes over to our Facebook Page, people go a little bit nuts over them.

So, today I wanted to share some of the most amazing, unbelievable, imaginative, beautiful, too-pretty-to-eat wedding cakes that we've seen on Pinterest...

Refreshing Drinks To Keep Your Wedding Guests Cool

It's hot outside. It's no surprise that as we get closer to monsoon  season, the humidity is setting in and suddenly it's gone from 105-degrees to 110-degrees with that warm wind and heavy clouds. 

But, it's your wedding day! So who cares what the weather is like outside? Well, your guests might, so today I wanted to give you some refreshing wedding drinks that not only keep your guests nice and cool, but taste good too!

Who Pays for What at Your Wedding...

Who Pays for What at Your Wedding...

You are fantasizing about your perfect wedding day and everything that comes along with it.  If you have never been married before or you don’t know many people that have been married, then you may be curious as to who traditionally pays for what at your Gilbert wedding venue. 

This list also may vary based off of religion and the beliefs of a bride and groom.  There may or may not be a reception, there may or may not be transportation.  Whatever the case, below is a list of items and who traditionally pays for that portion of the wedding.  Keep in mind you can always put your modern spin on these ideas.

Five Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

Five Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Cake

The traditional wedding cake has been a staple of weddings for hundreds of years. From cutting the cake to smashing, or not smashing, and sharing the moment of your first dessert as a married's a big deal.

But for some, the traditional wedding cake has been played out. Maybe you want your Gilbert wedding to be less traditional and more customized to your specific likes, particularly when it comes to dessert. 

If the wedding cake isn't for you, I have some other ideas that might interest you...

Summer Wedding Cakes with Pop

Summer Wedding Cakes with Pop

Summer has arrived! The kids are out of school here in Gilbert, Arizona, and most of you are heading out of town to escape the heat this Memorial Day weekend!

With that said, every once in a while we like to a quick review of what's popping and trending in the world of weddings, and today it's all about wedding cakes!

Take a look at some of the hottest wedding cake ideas for Summer 2018!