Is the force with your wedding?

Next weekend will be a nearly historic cinematic event, especially if you're a fan of the Star Wars movies. So, in honor of the amazingness that will ensure next week, let's take a look at how you can add some Star Wars flare to your Gilbert wedding...

Star Wars "Elaborate Belt"

Borrowed from PopSugar, this classy and Star Wars inspired piece was used as a beautiful belt to the bride's reception attire. I absolutely love how this bride was able to combine her love of Star Wars with intricate diamond designs...even within the Storm Trooper's helmet! 

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Talk about combining class, art and the Star Wars theme! These cuff links are one-of-a-kind, taking a classic image and transforming it into a piece that is not just perfect for a Star Wars themed wedding, but perfect for any occasion!

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Guest Book

This past year was definitely the year of unique guest book ideas, and this one definitely falls into that category! 


What groom and groomsmen doesn't love unique dress socks? These Star Wars socks are perfect for any Star Wars themed wedding! They add fun and creative style to your big day!


Don't forget about your bouquet! Make it not only memorable, but beautifully themed to match your Star Wars wedding!

Epic Photos

Wow, look at this photo! The wedding photo by itself is beautiful, but some advanced editing and creativity and this photo goes from beautiful to epic!

The Cake

There are just too many idea for a unique and mind-blowing Star Wars themed wedding cake. We're definitely going to have to dedcate and entire blog just for the cakes, but, for now, check out this simple and elegant Star Wars themed wedding cake!