...enough said.

Seriously, though, wine can actually be a great wedding theme! Wine is not just for drinking, but you can be inspired by the flavors, colors, textures, styles, and so much more.

So, how do you incorporate your favorite drink into your wedding theme?

Let me show you...

(We actually posted this blog late last year, but since yesterday's blog was all about the 'wine in a box' wedding tradition, I thought this was an appropriate repost!)

Wine Barrels

How about using a wine barrel for cards? Maybe wine barrels as bar stools or table legs? 

Instead of Sand...

How about pouring two different wines into a decorative wine glass? Everyone does the sand ceremony, which is always beautiful, but how about mixing it up...literally...with perhaps your two favorite wines:

Thumbprints Instead of Signatures

Thumbprints instead of signatures has become quite popular. We've seen fingerprints as petals on flower drawings, as leaves on tree paintings, even as the filling of hearts. People have gotten very creative with how they want their unique guest book signed. 

Well, how about wine fingerprints...

Wine Corks

Of course, there are a million things that you can do with wine corks, from cork boards to this lovely heart. Think outside of the box and get creative with your wine corks. Save each one from the first wine bottle you've ever shared together to the one you'll share at your wedding!

Our Val Vista Lakes wedding venue right here in beautiful Gilbert, Arizona was perfectly made for wine-inspired weddings! With our Tuscan decor and elegant yet relaxed atmosphere, a wine-themed wedding would fit perfectly!