If you are living in Arizona it can be extremely tempting to consider going to the beach or to an exotic destination for your wedding ceremony. If you can't afford a vacation wedding or you have a number of guests that would not be able to join you at the seaside, it is possible to bring the beach to your Arizona wedding with a few of these great wedding ideas:

Build the beach inside: By bringing in some sand, a beautiful backdrop or projector screen some boardwalk items and more you can build an entire indoor scene that can make it seem as though the beach has come to you. Imagine being able to stand on the beach where you went on vacation again or at an extremely exotic location you have never been. Building the beach inside and setting up your own backdrop is a great way to transport yourself and all of your guests to an exotic location during your Arizona wedding.

Build beach themed bouquets: if you aren't a big fan of flowers you could consider building bouquets of seashells and other items more commonly found at the beach. There are a number of coastal providers that can bring in beach themed bouquets perfect for holiday themed weddings.

Ditch the formal wedding: Even if you are planning on having a wedding inside, plan on wearing what you would on vacation and make sure that other guests will do the same. Having everyone show up in Hawaiian shirts and shorts is a great way to feel like you are at the beach.

Head to the state parks or one of Arizona's lakes: there are four state parks on the edge of Colorado that all have their own unique beaches along the river and a few with their own lakes. Although the beaches in these areas may not be quite as magnificent as you might expect in area like California, you could have a true beach wedding in Arizona here!

Check out a water park: although it may seem a little bit unorthodox there are some excellent water parks with their own created beaches across Phoenix. Whether you check into Golfland in Mesa or oasis waterpark in Phoenix Arizona, there are beaches in these areas where you can bring your whole wedding to the beach for the ceremony.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for bringing the beach to you in Arizona.