A bohemian wedding in 2018 is like a toast at midnight on New Year's Eve. They just go hand-in-hand! And this New Year, you'll want your BoHo wedding to be innovative, romantic, and full of flair. 

We put together some ideas to inspire your 2018 BoHo wedding...Val Vista Lakes style!

BoHo Wedding Dress: The bohemian wedding dress can be many things, trendy, charming, sexy, traditional, unique and all of the above. Your wedding dress can be reclaimed from the past or can be something no one has ever seen before. 


Boho Wedding Tux: And, just like the wedding dress, the tux can be as traditional or unique and innovative as your style asks of it. A boho wedding is so customizable, that the tux can be blue jeans and a vest or slacks and a jacket. It's really up to you!



BoHo Wedding Decor: Boho wedding decor can also be just as varied and unique as you would like. From a completely natural look with wildflowers and greens, to innovation with trapezoids and mathematical equations displayed throughout your venue, there really is nothing that's off limits for your boho wedding.

Check out this Pinterest board with hundreds of boho wedding decor ideas: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/bohemian-wedding-decorations/?lp=true

Boho Wedding Cake: The same goes for the cake, which can be incredibly natural and simplistic, or as layered and complicated as you need it to be.



Your Boho wedding here in Gilbert, Arizona at Val Vista Lakes will have beachfront property along a beautiful lake with the backdrop of a waterfall. There really is no place like our wedding venue.