If you and your partner are planning to tie the knot this winter in the great state of Arizona, you may be in search of what the latest trends are. In Arizona, the winters are not too cold, resting at a good 50- or 60-degrees Fahrenheit with the occasional snow. This in-between makes an ideal time for a winter wedding, so it can be helpful to know what the newest and latest trends are to help you and your partner plan your big day.

            To help you on your winter wedding planning journey, we have researched and found the top and most popular winter wedding trends of this year ranging from colors, decorations, and more. We hope this helps you to plan your big day, and congratulations to you and your significant other!

Top Winter Wedding Color Combinations

            Whether you are having a Christmas wedding or a January wedding, the popular color combinations in the winter are vastly different than those that are popular during the summer months. Below are the top winter wedding colors that re expected to be seen this year:

·      Silver and Sage: Sage is all of the rage this year, and winter weddings are no exception. By mixing the subtle grey and silver tones with the earthy sage tone, you have found yourself the perfect winter wedding color combination of you don’t want to be too bold or bright.

·      Dusty Rose: Who says that winter weddings have to be reds and greens? Dusty rose is the perfect color for a winter wedding because it not only makes your wedding unique, but it brings life to the cold winter feeling. You can even combine it with deeper tones of burgundy and gold to give it a more ‘holiday’ feeling.

·      Dusty Blue: They do say that blue is the color of winter, right? So why not embrace that by using dusty blue and lighter shades of blue to represent the winter wedding feelings. This color can even be combined with grey or sage to give it a more earth feel.

·      Anything Jewel Toned: One of the top wedding color trends of 2019/2020 is jewel tones color combinations. These jewel tones can include burgundy, emerald greens, and amber. These colors make the ideal winter wedding decorations or bridesmaids dresses and set the tone for your winter wedding.