You can keep your wedding budget in check by awesome DIY ideas. These will also help you to make your wedding a more memorable experience. You will be able to enjoy your wedding better, and it will be a lot of fun. Following are some of the best DIY wedding ideas that we came across,

1.     Gold-Dipped Balloons

Anything can look glamorous with liquid gold leaf. Balloons are no exception. You can add sparkle to your reception by allowing these gilded beauties to float around. The simplicity of this DIY will pleasantly surprise you.

2.     Petal Toss Bar

Try setting up a small table where the guests can collect a cone full of petals. They can toss these on the newlyweds as they walk down the aisle. The attractive station will add a pretty splash of color to your wedding and delight your guests.

3.     Nature-Inspired Napkins

Buy white, plain napkins in bulk and add your own design rather than buying fancy ones for a hefty amount. Add natural accents with embroidery thread, twigs, herbs, and pinecones for a rustic wedding. Incorporate burlap and jute rope and personalize the fabric with your initials.

4.     Celebratory Drink Flags

These happy drink flags will let your guests know that their drinks are meant to be celebratory. You can make them by simply wrapping fringed metallic tissue paper around imprinted straws.

5.     Wire-Wrapped Signs

This DIY is you if you are looking for easy, inexpensive, and quick décor. You can make this by grabbing some copper wire and bending it. These stylish signs will provide an amazing way of saving you seats all night.

6.     Glitzy Glasses

You should add sparkly sugar rims to give a snazzy feel to ordinary glasses. Pour piping gel or corn syrup in a shallow bowl. Pour large-crystal sugar in another bowl. Dip the rims of your glasses first in the bowl with corn syrup and then into the one with sugar. Give the sugar rims some time for hardening at room temperature.

7.     Silk Flower Wreath

This is ideal for the bride-to-be because you can start working on it months before the wedding day. The silk flowers will look so real that no one will be able to spot the difference. You should display these gorgeous wreaths at the reception or hang these as a ceremony backdrop.

8.     Stylish Marbled Votives

These adorable marbled votives will allow you to add light and color to your tablescape simultaneously. You should make these ahead of time in bulk by using easy and quick marbling techniques. You can use nail polish for coloring.

9.     Floral Balloon Tails

Floating florals will lend a little whimsy to your wedding day. You can make this by attaching some baby’s breath to balloon strings. You can buy confetti-filled balloons for a sparky touch.

10.  Industrial-Chic Candelabra

These are made from contact cement and copper pipe. This cool candelabra will be an amazing addition to any urban wedding. You can make a few of them and scatter them on prominent tables throughout your reception.