Yes, you read that title correctly; we mentioned 2015. In the eyes of the wedding industry’s professionals, the 2015 wedding season is just around the corner, and you better have your game face on. I wanted to talk about flowers that will be all the rage in 2015, at least according to those industry professionals who tend to set the wedding trend standard. Let’s dive in!

Wedding Flowers

Luxury – Be prepared to spend a little bit more on wedding flowers in 2015, as the luxury trend hits Gilbert weddings. No more greenery, stems and fillers, in 2015 the bouquet will be full of flowers at full bloom. Hydrangea, hyacinths and orchids, of course as well as roses, in full bloom will be incredibly popular. Consider setting aside another budget simply for the flowers!

Wild and Free – If you’re looking for something a bit more down to earth in your 2015 Gilbert wedding, consider the just picked from the side of the road look. Wildflowers will be a big wedding trend in 2015; going to the great outdoors in all aspects of your wedding theme. Choose a mix of flowers that look as if you’ve just picked them from a luscious meadow up north.

Crowns of Flower – I personally think this wedding flower trend is adorable, and yet classy and sophisticated if executed just right. More and more Gilbert brides are embracing the flower crown, paying a bit of homage to the 70’s wedding style. Talk to your Gilbert wedding florist to determine if the flower crown will fit your wedding theme and dress style.

Classic – If the wild and free look is not for you, or the luxury or flower crown, consider something a bit more classical and clean. White and ivory blooms such as roses and calla lilies will continue to be popular, as they always have, for Gilbert weddings. This timeless, clean and conventional flower theme will smoothly sail into the 2015 wedding season.

Winter – Yes, here in Arizona we do actually get a winter, though our winter is considered summer to many snowbirds. Wool is going to make an appearance in 2015, straight on the boat over from Europe as a popular wedding item. In the winter, you might notice a few brides wrapping their bouquets in wool. Nope, it’s not to keep the bouquet warm and fuzzy. It’s a wedding trend that is extremely widespread in Europe.

What wedding flower trend do you think will sail smoothly over to 2015 from 2014?