With Bride Magazine, the world oldest and most widely read wedding magazine, saying that brides and groom are "signaling a trend to stay beach bound," there is no doubt that there will lots of couples looking for beach wedding ideas.

So here are some beach wedding ideas for the bride looking to have her wedding on the beach.


A beach wedding brings with it lots of decision and one of those decision for you will be where to have your wedding.

An increasing number of brides and grooms are choosing to have their wedding on the beach in the Caribbean and in particular the Bahamas which has more beaches and territorial water than all the other islands in the Caribbean combined.

Here's the thing, not everyone can fly off to the Caribbean for a beach wedding, or shoot down to San Diego. And, if you can, it's highly likely that you're friends and family can't. Why not have a beach wedding right here in Gilbert, AZ and allow everyone to enjoy your big day?!


Timing is everything for a beach wedding and you want to ensure that you not only choose the right time of the year but also the right time of day. And the best times of year for a beach wedding in the Bahamas is from the middle of October through the middle of June.

But that does not mean you cannot have your beach wedding during the other four months just that it will be a bit challenging. As June to November is the Atlantic Hurricane Season with August through the middle of October being the most active of the hurricane season.

Well, if you don't want to deal with hurricanes, unpredictable storm weather and unpredictable seasons...we have a beach and incredibly predictable weather for your wedding right here in Gilbert!

And which time of day is best for your wedding ceremony?

Well if you and your guest are not accustom to the hot outdoors then the best time for your wedding ceremony will either be early in the morning or just before sunset as you will not have the sun and the temperature is a lot cooler.

An advantage of the evening wedding you may want to consider is the sunset which will add a uniqueness to your wedding pictures and the overall experience of being on the beach.

What to wear...

A beach wedding gives you the freedom to wear what you want to wear as there is no need to be formal. So the bride may choose to wear a simple sheathe gown or slip on dress and the groom a light weight linen suit or pants with an island style open neck shirt.

And the best wedding shoes for your beach wedding - you can either go bare feet or wear a sandals the choice is yours.

For the best beach wedding, without all the hassle, check us out!