Many wedding venues are located on sandy beaches...not in Gilbert, Arizona. It is romantic, picturesque, and above all, unforgettable. Most especially for couples who love the ocean side.

(Side Note: Did you know Val Vista Lakes is the only wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona that has beachfront property?)

For couples who love the beach, why not go out all the stops and throw a bridal shower beach theme as the perfect pre-wedding party?

Planning a beach wedding shower theme is not an easy task, but with a little creativity and the help of some co-organizers, everyone can take it off. Here are some creative ideas to get started. A themed party takes a bit more planning than a party matter. There are more details to consider and parts to assemble.

Mood Adjustment

The ideal for a beach shower theme wedding venue is somewhere with a swimming pool. Decorations are the key when you try to recreate a beach environment. One way to bring the feeling of the beach to the pool place is tying paper lanterns around the pool. This creates a festive atmosphere and serves mild lighting after sunset.

If you cannot go to the beach, you can always put the beach at you. Hang clear bags with shells and candles, and an inflatable pool filled with sand and support a surfboard inside and put it in the entrance. Pull some beach chairs to sit and drape colorful beach towels in the back of the chair. The center can be paper lanterns with votive candles surrounded by sand and seashells carry it through.

You can also place a small aquarium with fish on each table.

This is sure to become a piece of conversation for guests. To still enjoy the beach, ask the guests to come with beachwear! Now it's a party on the beach!

Playful Sailboat Candles

For a beach bridal shower or even a summer engagement party pool. These sailboat fun candles add a delicate and subtle shine. With a white metal frame stained glass in the front, it features a tea tray metal bound candle holder, light a candle and tea is included; this helps to create the scene for the beach bridal shower.

Want more beach ideas? Stay tuned for our next blog!