As your wedding day quickly approaches, you might begin to worry about all of the “what if’s?” Not only will you begin to worry about then, your mother will begin to lose her mind over them. Mom has always been there for you, and you plan your Arizona wedding together, she is there for you more now than ever.

But this constant involvement has left her a bit stressed and overwhelmed. So, what do you do?

Keeping Mom Involved and Relaxed

It’s an oxymoron, right? Letting mom stay involved in the wedding planning and keeping her from getting too overwhelmed sounds nearly impossible. And we all know that when mom is stressed, so is everyone else.

You’ve got enough on your plate to be worried about how overwhelmed you mother is, when you are probably just as overwhelmed, if not more. The best thing that you can do is to sit down and talk with your mom about how it’s all going. Here are some tips that we’ve found work best when trying to keep everyone calm:

• Set the Wedding Planning Rules – sit down with your mom when the wedding planning starts, maybe a few different times before the wedding planning actually starts. Talk about what you want, themes, colors, cakes, dinners, dances, venues, etc. Talk about everything. Lay it all out on the table, and then set the responsibilities.

• This is Your Wedding – Remember that no matter how tired you might be, how overwhelmed or stressed you are, this is your wedding and ultimately the responsibility lies on you to get the wedding that you want. Unless, of course, you have a wedding planner. Don’t depend on your mother to take the reins for you.

• Get a Wedding Planner – We know that during these economic times, it can be tough finding the money in the wedding budget for a wedding planner, but if you are strapped for time with work or school you can’t depend on your mom to get things planned.

You both will be stressed enough just thinking about everything that needs to be done, and finding the time to do it. A wedding planner might not be affordable, but it might be the best wedding decision you ever make.

• Plan a Spa Day with Mom – Just as you need to plan date nights with your partner during the stress of planning a wedding to keep both of you on solid ground, you need to plan some relaxing days with your mom and others who are helping you to plan the wedding. This can be an overwhelming time for everyone involved, so take some time-out. With deal sites like Groupon and Deal Chicken, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of spa discounts that are available.

Your mom will always be there for you, and the thought of your wedding day will bring such joy and such sadness, because you’re all grown up. It might sound cliché, but every mother has mixed emotions when it comes to your wedding, and all of that stress becomes compiled when she does too much to help out.

So do your part, and let mom take it easy.