Summer wedding color themes and schemes for Arizona can be bright and beautiful, classic and subtle, or dark and sophisticated. In reality, summer wedding colors can be whatever you want them to be.

But, for the sake of giving you some inspiration for planning your summer wedding in Arizona, let’s look at some color ideas that you might want to use.

According to TheKnot:

  • Bright Blue & Fuchsia. ...

  • Marigold & Poppy Red. ...

  • Gold & Blush. ...

  • Ice Blue & Pistachio. ...

  • Pink & Pale Green. ...

  • Dove Gray & Ecru. ...

  • Lemon & Watermelon. ...

  • Red, White & Blue


From Martha Stewart:

  • Kelly Green & White

  • Red & Blue

  • Shades of Orange

  • Blush & Lavender

  • Navy & Peach


According to Shutterfly:

  • Orchid & Caribbean Blue

  • Majestic Purple & Metallic Grey

  • Grape & Gold

  • Velvet & Deep Sea

  • Bright Purple & Blush


Here in Arizona, when it can easily top 110-degrees, you want to choose summer wedding colors that suggest a cool and refreshing atmosphere. You want to choose wedding colors that give your wedding guests the illusion of a gentle Spring day, instead of a sweltering summer day in the middle of a desert.

Statistically, there are certain colors that can help keep your guests cool just by suggesting to the mind that it is not so hot outside. More nautical colors can actually help your guests feel cooler. Lots of reds and bright oranges can actually remind your wedding guests that they’re sitting in the middle of an Arizona desert.

According to Psychology Today, people who live in a climate where summer temperatures are particularly brutal can temper the sun’s effects with cool colors, particularly in entryways to buildings where relief from outside temperatures is particularly relished.  The same goes for colors on the walls of sunrooms where temperatures often seem to approach those on the surface of the sun itself. If you’d like to warm up a space, or live in a place that for too much of the year seems to have a too-cold climate, use warm colors on walls, etc., instead.

Take all of this into consideration when choosing your summer wedding colors. And don’t forget to schedule your tour of Val Vista Lakes!