Alright, let's jump to Part Two of this blog, all about how to make your wedding day magical and beautiful, even when we're experiencing 80% humidity outside!

Did you know that Val Vista Lakes has one of the only beachfront wedding properties in all of Arizona?!

And, as you probably know because most Gilbert residents head to the beaches of California and Mexico during the summers...beach weather is much different than desert weather. Namely, it's the humidity that you'll notice.

I mean, you jump in the pool here in Arizona and you're swim suit id dry five minutes later. You jump in the ocean in California or Mexico and you're lucky if your swim suit is dry the next day when you're ready to dive back in!

With that in mind, let's reframe this sticky, hot and humid monsoon season and thin of it as a normal beach wedding in high humidity! With beachfront property here at Val Vista Lakes, it totally works!!

So, if you were at a beach wedding in California, what would you wear? How would you do your hair? What would you bring? What would you provide your guests? 

Here are some more tips...

Tissues, Handkerchiefs and Oils: Providing your Gilbert wedding guests with tissues is one thing, but giving them hand-embroidered handkerchiefs as they sit for your wedding ceremony is a great gesture to show them not only how thankful you are that they are present, but that you care about their well-being in this weather. By tossing some cooling essential oils into the mix, or on the handkerchiefs themselves, you're giving your wedding guests some additional love and relief. 

Cool Mysts and Cool Water: When it's humid out, the last thing you want to do is drench your wedding guests in misters, but providing ice cold water and essential oil cool misters or sprays is a great way to keep them cool and sweat-free during your ceremony.

Makeup: Don't forget about the sweat factor for yourself! Talk to your makeup artist, or the friend who is going to be applying your makeup, all about the best products to wear during hot, humid days. You're going to sweat if you're having an outdoor wedding during monsoon season. It's inevitable. But, with the right attire, hairstyle and makeup, no one will know!

Monsoon season in Gilbert, Arizona has it's perks...absolutely breathtaking sunsets and amazing lightning photography...but this humidity and heat can also be overwhelming. Be sure to plan ahead!