Of all the things you do to plan your wedding, picking a wedding date that coincides with everyone’s schedule and the wedding budget is tough. And when the budget is tight, sometimes picking a wedding date that is affordable is more important than picking one that is more convenient.

This brings us to our Thursday weddings. Many Arizona wedding couples have mixed feelings about Thursday weddings. Will people come? What will they do about work?

Thursday weddings come with a whole bag full of new concerns, though from our experience at Val Vista Lakes most of those concerns are unfounded.

Will my guests attend a Thursday wedding?

This is the big question that plagues many wedding couples. If you’re concerned about how many guests will be attending your wedding, and if there will be enough to have a good time, perhaps it’s wise to take a moment and consider the whole idea of a wedding in the first place.

This is the day you and your partner start your lives together. It’s about you two, and honestly no one else. However, Thursday weddings are not as uncommon as you might imagine, and family and friends will make the arrangements to be there if it’s important to them.

Will my guests have to take off of work?

If you’re guests are local, and your wedding is local, most of your guests won’t have to take any time off of work. You can schedule your wedding after work hours, say around 6:30, and have a short reception that ends before bedtime. Or, you can have a long reception and those who choose to leave because they have to be at work early the next day can do so.

If your guests are coming from out of town, most of them would be taking a day or two off anyways. A Thursday wedding means that instead of taking Friday and Monday off, they will take Thursday, Friday off.

Should I alert my guests early about the Thursday date?

Absolutely. The best way to ensure that everyone will be at your wedding is to give them ample time to plan. If they need to request a day or two off, they’ll have time to do so. If they need to save up for an extra day away from home, give them plenty of time.

Send out the Save The Date cards a few months before you send out the wedding invitations to give your guests plenty of time to plan their vacation.

Should I ask them first?

This is your big day, but we understand that it just wouldn’t be the same without your closest friends and family there to support you. So, it is a good idea to feel out your guests. Ask around to see who would be able to take a Thursday off in the next year.

Are Thursday weddings more affordable and easier to book?

Thursday weddings are definitely more affordable. Because this isn’t a ‘peak’ day, you will be able to get huge discounts and save literally thousands of dollars by booking on a weekday.

Not only will your Arizona wedding venue be more affordable, your DJ, photographer, florist, and just about everything else will be as well.