White has long been the wedding gown color of choice for many brides. Today’s brides though, are looking for a way to set themselves apart from the traditional white-wedding crowd and red and black have become popular choices in wedding gowns. When choosing the theme of your wedding and your wedding gown, you can consider adding a pop of color to your wedding dress by either adding a sash or an embroidered design or by simply wearing a red or black wedding gown. 

Brides, when they’re shopping for a wedding venue in Arizona, will want to talk to the wedding planners on staff and see if they’ve heard of anyone interjecting color into their wedding gown. It may simply be that the “trend” is one that is merely talked about but not put into practice. If you do decide that you want to be more colorful on your wedding day, here are some items to keep in mind and ways to add color:

  • Add a belt or sash to your wedding gown. A belt or sash adds a brilliant splash of color and can also work to enhance the other colors of your wedding theme or bouquet and can simply be a way to break up the monotony of a white wedding gown. If you’re a colorful person, this is a way to bring that color to your big day. 
  • An embroidered design either on the train or the bodice or even the underskirt of your wedding dress is also a popular way to add color and personality to your wedding day. 
  • Adding color to your wedding veil or even using a shrug to keep the chill off your shoulders can be another way to use color. If you’re wearing a strapless gown, a shrug will probably come in handy once the sun goes down and you can choose your favorite color for your shrug and work that color throughout the theme of your wedding. Your wedding venue in Arizona can use complementary hues to enhance the color of your shrug. 
  • If you want a color other than the traditional white or ivory, opt for a pale, champagne pink or a butter cream yellow. These dresses allow you to bring a bit of your unique style to the day without going overboard in a flashy full colored gown. 

Before making any drastic decisions on dress colors it may be prudent to check with the wedding venue in Arizona and with your church as they may not welcome the brightly colored hues!