When your wedding is over, the honeymoon has ended, you're back home...

You walk thorugh that door and realize it's actually over. It's almost depressing for a split second.

Don't get me wrong, you're still on that wedding high and life is amazing.

But, you want to hold on to a piece of that beautiful, perfect day. What do you do?

I have some ideas...

Color Themed Shadow Box

I love this idea of taking all of the important and memorable pieces of the wedding and placing them into a beautifully created shadow boxes.

Saving those Roses

We get a lot of flowers during the wedding. Either it's the flowers that we had delivered to the wedding venue, or flowers that were brought, or flowers that we wear...and the saddest thing is when those flowers die. This is a great way to save those flowers.

Lettering and Shadow Boxes

I also love the idea of using lettering in the shadow box with essential items from your wedding theme.

Glasses and Silverware

What do you think about the idea of adding your wedding glasses and the silverware you used to cut the cake into a shadow box? I mean, sure, you could keep those things and use them over time...but, I happen to know that using those items time after time and time again...they won't last forever. Eventually, they will shatter or break. Place them into a shadow box. They'll last a lot longer.

There are so many ways to save the memories and momentos from that big day!

Everything ‘Just Married’

There are a million different ways to say 'We're married!'

Of course, there's the traditional cans and flowers on the car, alerting everyone that you're leaving the wedding and on your way to your lives together.

But what are some more untraditional, creative ways to announce your recent marriage? Let me show you...

Converse Shoes

I personally love the uniqueness of these shoes. I know we've used these shoes before in previous wedding blogs, but if you get these shoes...no one else has them!

Bike Ride

What about a bike ride from Val Vista Lakes to your limo, or to your home, after the wedding? I just love this idea, especially for Fall weddings!

Door Signs

I just think this is an adorable idea for after the wedding. It's unique. It's creative. And it lets everyone in the neighborhood know that you two are newleyweds! 

Balloons and Color

There is just something about an old bug with some classic balloons...

Box It Up

I don't know if these boxes and wedding gifts are real, or if this is part of the car 'just married' decor, but I love it...

Those 'Just Married' signs and decorations are unique to each wedding couple and every wedding theme. Just know that there are thousands of ideas out there. Click on any of the images above and you'll be taken to Pinterest, where you can find a whole bunch of Just Married ideas. Good luck!