Cocktail hour is a time when family and friends can mingle over snacks and drinks before the reception starts. Why not add some activities to your cocktail hour to help your guests break the ice and have a little fun before the big party starts. You can add games based on your wedding venue being indoors or outdoors. For example, you could add croquet, yard Yahtzee, yard Jenga, or if it is cooler outside a s'mores area. If your wedding venue is indoors, you could choose to add cocktail hour bingo or cocktail hour tic-tac-toe tables. Adding a photo booth is a great way to add some fun to your cocktail hour, whether indoors or outdoors. 

Another way to add some fun to your cocktail hour and make it interesting, is to offer a specialty or signature drink, other than just wine and beer. If your wedding is during a warmer time of the year, cool treat would be to add a frozen alcoholic popsicle. 

You can also add a little fun with the snacks you provide during cocktail hour. You can choose to add a snack food that goes along with your wedding theme, you can choose to have a mini snack buffet, or create a signature snack that is unique and your guests will remember. However, if you choose to do a snack bar or buffet, just remember that you do not want to go overboard and give your guests too many snacks to choose from, you don't want them to fill up and be full when it comes to the big dinner. 

Your cocktail hour does not have to be just snacks and drinks, make it interesting and add a little fun, making it a little easier for your guests to open up and let loose a little before the reception and the big party really starts.