Today is the big day. At 10:34am, here in Gilbert, Arizona, we'll witness roughly 63% of the sun go dark, covered by the moon in this historical solar eclipse. 

And, if you're getting married today at Val Vista Lakes, there are a few pointers we want to offer to help you have the best solar eclipse wedding possible...

Solar Eclipse Glasses: The last thing you want is to burn your retinas on your wedding day. You also don't your wedding guests to hurt their eyes. Make sure you have plenty of high quality, Solar Eclipse Glasses for your solar eclipse wedding These glasses will ensure that your wedding party and guests will still be able to see the eclipse without hurting their eyes. 

Here's the thing about solar eclipse don't see much of anything else but the sun. These glasses were made for direct sun viewing, which means they block out everything else. So, if you're getting married during the solar eclipse, perhaps tie the knot just before the eclipse so that everyone can catch the wedding and then pop on those glasses to catch the totality of the eclipse. 

Morning Wedding: Here in Gilbert, Arizona, the eclipse will reach it's most magnificent point at around 10:33am...that's an early morning wedding. Most weddings here at Val Vista Lakes are in the evenings around sunset, simply because our sunset photos are to die for. But, if you are planning a 10:30am wedding, consider some fun options for the reception, like...

Solar Eclipse Reception Ideas: Search Pinterest for solar eclipse wedding cakes and you'll come across all kinds of beautiful and qwerky ideas for your big day. Why not try some galaxy popcorn or beautiful galaxy bark for your wedding reception?  Solar eclipse specialty drinks will be a big hit as well. 

Whatever you plan on doing for this historical solar eclipse, make it special!