Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially engaged, as if you haven’t heard. “It will be the wedding of the century,” they say. “It will be the grandest wedding since Princess Diana.” Royal weddings have always made little girls around the world sit starry-eyed in front of the television, planning out their big wedding day as they watch the prince and princess wed. And while we seem to have more beach themed weddings here at Val Vista Lakes than anything else, for good reason, it’s always fun to have a ‘royal wedding’ every now and then. 

A royal wedding theme, or fantasy fairy tale wedding, is all about delicate fashion and going big. In these rough economic times having a royal wedding theme might not be incredibly practical, but if you take some time to do some DIY projects it might be more affordable than you think. 

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Royal wedding themes and fairy tale weddings bring about ideas of ‘happily ever after’ and ‘dreams do come true’ and Disney fantasies that we all grew up on. That means ball gowns, petticoats, precious gloves, long trains and veils that sweep the floor. Shoes make a big statement as well. Think Cinderella, sparkles and class.

Like our recent blog on a Mad Men themed wedding, a royal wedding can also bring back a touch of vintage style. Vintage style is classy, and for a royal wedding theme the bridesmaids dresses should have a bit of pink, pearls and don’t forget the gloves. And for the groom and the groom’s men, go all class with a white tux and smooth suits.

And now for the fun stuff; the invitations and reception atmosphere. Putting together invitations for your royal wedding should involve elegant fonts, perhaps a splash of pink, maybe a ribbon or two, and rhinestones always make a strong royal statement. 

Your royal reception will be full of regal curtains, dramatic molding and amazing chandeliers. This wedding theme is all about drama and going over the top, so thing big when it comes to centerpieces as well. A royal wedding would never be without monogrammed linens and cake toppers, more rose petals (probably pink) then you can count, ice sculptures, and plenty of candles. 

One of the most dramatic and quintessential aspects to a royal wedding is the entrance of the bride at the wedding ceremony itself, and the entrance of the couple at the reception. Take full advantage of your wedding venue’s features. If there is a lake, which there happens to be at Val Vista Lakes, take advantage of that with a grand entrance on boat. As the reception, consider having a “page” announce your entrance instead of the DJ. And for the music, there really is nothing more royally themed or fairy tale then some good-old-fashioned Disney music. Consider a Disney wedding soundtrack. 

While many of the mentioned ideas seem a bit over the top and expensive, they can all be achieved the DIY way as well. Download the reception music onto an iPod to save money, have a family member monogram the linens, search for trendy and affordable candles at thrift stores, and take advantage of venue discounts.