Depending on the day of your wedding and how fancy you are getting, some bride and grooms will not only have a rehearsal dinner, but they will have a meet and greet as well. 

If your wedding happens to be on a Sunday, you may choose to have the rehearsal dinner the Friday before and then the meet and greet the Saturday before. 

Usually the rehearsal dinner consists of the entire wedding party, along with really close family, or family that may be in the wedding, of they are not part of the wedding party. The rehearsal dinner is just that, it is time to practice and rehearse what will happen the day of your wedding and when. 

The rehearsal dinner is more casual and not as stressful as the actual wedding itself. The meet and greet is even more casual and a time for the wedding party, family and friends to get a chance to mingle. The meet and greet is a nice way for everyone to break the ice. 

You can choose to have your meet and greet anywhere you want. Some couples choose a bar, a bowling alley, or somewhere were they know everyone will feel at ease and can relax and enjoy themselves.

You do not have to serve a main meal at your meet and greet, you can simply have a little buffet spread of meats and cheeses, as well as offer some drinks. The meet and greet does not have to be super long, most of them tend to be only two hours long. 

You will want to keep this meet and greet short and sweet and enjoy yourselves, but don't get too out of hand with the festivities. The next day is the big day and the last thing you want is to show up at your wedding venue late or hungover and tired.