Let’s talk wedding venues. I came across an interesting blog post this afternoon with a list of questions regarding having a beach wedding. Questions like what kind of dress should be worn, what kind of shoes, what kind of flowers and colors should be included in the wedding? There was a laundry list of concerns from this blogger who is currently in the middle of planning her wedding.

From my experience, there’s nothing better than a beach wedding where your toes aren’t actually in the sand and the ocean spray isn’t in your face. Having a beach wedding that is adjacent to the beach, perhaps on a cliff overlooking the ocean or a park just above the sand is a better choice. Having a beach wedding can bring into play so many uncertainties that will no doubt cause more stress.

Val Vista Lakes offers beach front weddings without the spray in your face or the wind blowing sand in your eyes. The oceanfront pool with the waterfall backdrop and scenic Arizona mountains creates the perfect romantic setting for your Arizona beach wedding.

And when it comes to dresses and colors and flowers, anything goes when your wedding backdrop is the Arizona sunset. The best part about having your Arizona beach wedding at Val Vista Lakes is that should the weather take a turn for the worse, you have a plan B about 10 feet away in the banquet hall. Not many beach front weddings offer that kind of assurance.