There's no question that as a bride, you need to shine on your wedding day. Besides organizing the ceremony and the venue, you need to consider the perfect wedding dress. In order to do it, you need to consider that you live or are going to get married in Gilbert, Gilbert's weather, the theme of your wedding, the groom outfit, among so many other things.

Ultimately, you want to be beautiful and fashionable. So, here are the 7 latest trends for wedding dresses when you're getting married in Gilbert:

#1: 3D Blooms

If you're a boho bride, you're going to love this wedding dress. With an amazing intricate floral embellishment, you can be sure that this is the kind of dress that will make you stand out and having everyone looking at you, in a very positive way, as you take to the aisle.

#2: It's All About the Back

If you would like to surprise your guests with an amazing wedding dress you can choose one that shows your back. Can you imagine your guests look when you're walking down the aisle and they see that the dress doesn't have a back? It's that wow factor that no one is expecting.

#3: Bold Florals

If you're a bride that is tired of looking at white and whitish wedding dresses, you're going to love this new trend. Just go with a colorful floral prints wedding dress. If you want to take a huge risk, you can have the entire dress this way. But if you just want to leave your guests breathless with a surprise, you can choose to have a simple hint of a print and it will work just as fine.

#4: Bows

Yes, that's true. Bows are back. But not traditional bows. Just think about them as that one final detail that makes the wedding dress complete and fantastic.

#5: Capes and Toppers

Did you see Solange Knowles on her wedding day? Well, you can have it too. A beautiful flowing cape with a minimal but chic wedding dress. If you're a modern woman that simply wants to break with tradition, this might as well be the perfect wedding dress for you.

#6: Feathers

If you love your outfit with texture, then you're going to love the new feathers trend.Feathers won't only give you that touch of glamor as they will have an amazing movement no matter when you're walking down the aisle or simply dancing on the dance floor.

#7: Off-The-Shoulder

If you don't want to be that bride that goes completely strapless but you do want to show off some skin, the Bardot neckline is a new trend and you're going to love it.