Besides the bride, or groom, and perhaps the dress, the most important decision to make for your wedding is, well, where to have it!

Falling in love with that perfect wedding venue is like falling in love with that perfect home. When you walk in, you just know. It hits you, instantly, and you will never see another home, or Gilbert wedding venue, the same again...

Nothing will compare.

However, when you are buying a home there are procedures to go don't want a home with bad plumbing, a leaking roof and neighbors who host all-night parties every weekend.

When you are choosing a Gilbert wedding venue, you don't want a venue with poor lighting, no plan B for rainy days and servers and hosts who care more about your phones than the service.

Choosing a wedding venue must be done by not judging the book by it's cover, but asking the right questions to find out exactly what is inside of that book, and how much that book will cost you...

5 Questions to Ask

1. How Many Weddings Will Take Place On My Wedding Day?

This is a HUGE question that so many people forget to ask. You assume that, because you're paying for the space, your wedding will be the only one at that space for the day. In fact, many Gilbert wedding venues will book themselves so tightly that there is limited availability to make sure everything is perfect in between weddings. Scheduling back-to-back events can make things incredibly stressful for everyone involved, so don't forget to ask this imperative question.

Oh, and don't worry, we would never put that kind of unneeded stress on you for your wedding day.

2. What Will Parking Be Like on the Day of Your Wedding?

Parking is another concern that not many wedding couples tend to think about. But, parking is insanely important! The last thing you want is for the Father of the Bride showing up late because he had to shuttle everyone to the venue, than find parking for himself a mile down the road. 

Don't worry, Val Vista Lakes has a large parking lot with additional parking if needed.

3. What is the Time Schedule on the Day of the Wedding?

Can you arrive early? How early? Can you stay late? How late? You need to know exactly what you're being charged for, when that time frame begins and ends, and how flexible the venue is with allowing people to set up early and break down late.

4. Can we Bring in Outside Vendors?

You have your favorite restaurant, or your favorite food truck...everyone does. Especially here in Gilbert where downtown has just exploded with some amazing food! It's imperative that you find out if your wedding venue allows outside vendors. Wedding venues can be sticklers about this, wanting to use their own catering, their own service and photographers with whom they have a relationship with. Don't forget to ask this question.

5. Do I Need Insurance?

Another question that you will no doubt forget to ask is whether or not you need liability insurance. If liability insurance is required by your venue, you'll need to factor that into the overall cost of the wedding. Liability insurance protects you if you're held liable for property damage or bodily injury and can offer host liquor liability to protect against alcohol-related accidents.

Now that you know what to ask, stop by our amazing venue (the only venue with beachfront propery in Arizona) and be pleasantly surprised with our answers!