Deciding on a wedding dress is a rough job, but it's supposed to be the best thing about your wedding, right? We came across these wedding myths today and wanted to share them with you:

The bride shouldn't make her own dress: 

“The bride should not make her own wedding dress; for each stitch up of the wedding garb the bride sews herself she'll shed one tear during her marriage.“

This is an odd one. If the bride is a designer or a seamstress, why not make her own wedding dress. The old adage says it's bad luck. I say it's amazing! If you have the skill, and the time, to design and create the wedding dress of your dreams, go for it! Or, you can do what this crafty bride did, and create your own wedding dress for just $30! Seriously -> Crafy Bride Made Her Own Wedding Dress for $30 During Her Morning Commute

It also depends on the color of the gowns: 

“If Married in Blue they said your lover is true. Married in Pink, Your fortunes will sink. Married in Green, You will not long be seen. Married in Red, You'll wish you were dead. Married in Yellow, you are Ashamed of the fellow. Married in Brown, You'll live out of town. Married in Grey, You'll live far away. Married in Black, You'll wish you were back. But this myth doesn’t have a proof it is just passed to us.”

This is an old poem that again, carries no proof to be real. Brides really have the freedom to wear the wedding gown of their own choice. These days, weddings are splashed with every color under the sun. Don't let this old adage get you down. If you have a favorite color, figure out a way to incorporate it into your wedding,

Brides don’t wear their Wedding Gowns before the Wedding Day

It is one of the Filipino beliefs that the bride should not wear their gowns before the wedding day because the wedding will not push through. It is a belief that is truly not related to a groom having cold feet before the wedding. How else would a bride know if the wedding dress fit? Are they any beliefs about wearing the wedding dress after the wedding? Because I now quite a few brides who will wear their wedding dress after the wedding just for fun.

You can't wear black

Your much loved little black dress is suitable for a wedding. Many people pick their outfit with the misapprehension that anything black would convey murkiness, but don't give yourself a headache. No one will assume your shadowy outfit is better well matched for a funeral than a wedding. Black wedding dress is the unrivaled choice for a mid-afternoon ceremony. Black is also flawlessly very well for any evening wedding.


Another wedding superstition involves that the dress of the bride should be the most beautiful dress worn on that day because it is her day and the center of attention must be her. On her wedding day, this brings her good luck in the marriage. For a groom to watch upon his soon to be bride in her wedding gown before the wedding ceremony is well thought-out very bad luck and is a tradition that has followed many new brides and grooms as well as for her to try on the wedding dress more than one time after alterations. If the bride enters the church by stepping first using the right foot is a good luck while walking down the aisle after the wedding.