Pallets were all the rage for weddings not very long ago, and while they might not be as popular as they once were, there are some still great uses for pallets in your Gilbert wedding.

Today, let's chat about five of the still common uses for pallets in your Gilbert wedding:

Photo Backdrops: A clean, distressed, beautiful pallet can become a piece of art for a wedding photo backdrop. Adding lights, mason jar candles, flowers, lettering, even artwork of your own can add a personal touch to the pallet backdrop.

Pallet Signs: There's still something unique and personal about customized pallet signs. Your favorite quote, your favorite song lyric, pretty much anything that you think relates to your wedding, can be made into a pallet sign...a piece of art work in wood.

Planters; Now, at Val Vista Lakes we have the most luscious scenery and landscaping that you can imagine. But, if you want to add a personal touch, custom, pallet-made planters make for a great personal touch.

Tables: You might not think of pallets as tables, but stacking them in a unique manner, perhaps twisted or in some kind artwork, just might add that needed touch for your wedding.

Lighting: Pallets make for great lighting accessories. Using pallets to light areas of your wedding, or reception, will add that unique touch. Wrapping string lights, still very popular for weddings, around the pallets and uniquely through the pallets will make for a great addition.

Pallets still make for a great addition to your Gilbert wedding.