Go Pro's are amazing! They're versatile, can literally go anywhere and can take a beating. They capture beautiful images and, if used creatively, can capture those moments that are often hidden or difficult for anyone else to see. 

If you haven't seen it, there's a great video floating around the internet of a wedding recorded by a Go Pro stuck to the back of a dog...it's truly amazing and captures the genuine feel and authentic atmosphere of the wedding in a way that is nearly unobtainable otherwise. 

So, it got us thinking here at Val Vista Lakes...

...how can you use a Go Pro to capture all those special moments on your big day?

Let's find out:

The Dog

You can always do what the creative couple with the trending dog wedding video has done - strap a Go Pro to the back of your pet and let them have free reign of your wedding and wedding reception. 

Of course, this will only work if your wedding is held at a dog-friendly location, and if your wedding theme and guests support the idea. 

Pass It Around

I LOVE that Go Pro's are so flexible and durable, and the idea of passing around a video camera liek this should be an exciting idea. Guests love being a part of your big day, and this gives them a way to record from their own perspective, perhaps say a little something into the camera, and pass it along to the next guest. 

This is truly a beautiful way to capture the genuine atmosphere of your wedding day from a whole new perspective. 

Time Lapse

Everyone loves a time lapse video these days. I wish I had done one at my wedding, to be completely honest. 

Set up your Go Pro in an area where it will capture everything, and let it roll through the wedding ceremony through the reception!

Setting a GoPro camera to take one picture every second results in over 3500 images in an hour.

Alcohol Cam

I've seen some pretty interesting Go Pro wedding ideas over the years, the dog one being one of the more beautiful of them, but what about the idea of strapping a Go Pro to a champaign, wine or liquor bottle for the big day...

If your wedding reception is going to be a party to last the ages, and you've got friends who like to drink and party, consider strapping the camera to everyone's favorite bottle of alcohol. 

This idea isn't for everyone, but it does make for some amazing visuals!

Setting a GoPro camera to take one picture every second results in over 3500 images in an hour.

Bouquet and More

From the bouquet to the boutonniere, you can literally attach a Go Pro to anything in order to get that perfect and unique shot. 

Be creative and think outside of the box. Attach your Go Pro to many different locations throughout your wedding ceremony and reception to capture the most authentic and unique perspectives of your big day!