Who doesn't love a wedding? Most of your guests will remain engrossed and engaged from beginning to end. Sure, the wedding photos might leave some bored, but overall people really love weddings. 

With that said, there are always some little things you can do to let your wedding guests know how appreciated and loved they are. Getting them more involved in the wedding is one way, making the wedding more interactive is another.

In this age of complete interaction with everything, why not let them have some more engagement with your wedding? Here's what I mean...

1. Photo Booths

Yes, these are still a thing, and a great way to get your wedding guests fully involved with your big day. Photo booths give your Gilbert wedding guests a way to make the day their own. There's just something about cramming a bunch of old friends into a small photo booth with crazy masks and silly glasses to engage and show appreciation. 

2. Games

Why not have some fun indoor and outdoor games at your wedding? Times are changing, and your guests are no longer satisfied with simply sitting for dinner and dancing. They want to be up and moving and laughing and enjoying themselves. Plus, the old tradition of going from table to table can be a lot more engaging and fun for you if you add some games!! Lawn Tick-Tac-Toe, Jenga, Hop Scotch, even a friendly game of Dodgeball might remind everyone just how much fun all you all had kids together.

3. Time Capsule

I came across this idea just the other day and adore it! How about having each guest pop something timely and special into your very own time capsule? This is an amazing idea, and you can open it on your 50th wedding anniversary!

4. Cake in the Face Fund

There's the money dance, but there are also dozens of other ways to raise money for your honeymoon. The dollar dance, or money dance, has been around forever, and it's traditionally a fun way to dance with the bride and groom while offering cash incentives for their honeymoon. Today, however, for your Gilbert wedding, you can shake things up a bit with raffles and the Cake in the Face Fund, my personal favorite. Let people toss in a few bucks to the Yes jar or No jar and see who wins!

5. Social Media

Do you have a wedding hashtag? These days, most wedding couples go all out on social media for their wedding, from Facebook Groups to Snapchat filters. This can be a great way to keep your guests engaged and having fun at your wedding!

Whatever you decide to do on your wedding day to keep your guests engaged, don't forget to schedule your tour of Val Vista Lakes!!