Gilbert residents love Disney. Maybe it's because Disneyland is just a quick 6-hour drive away, or because so many families in Gilbert have little ones...but Disney and Gilbert go hand-in-hand. 

We posted a Disney themed wedding article just the other day, and the response was huge. So, I figured it was time to share with you how to bring Disneyland to your wedding!

The article that I posted the other day can be found on our Facebook Page, and featured a young couple who actually got married at the Happiest Place on Earth! If getting married at Disneyland is  a big outside of your wedding budget, try these options instead...

Drinks: I just love this idea of theming your drinks to match different Disney characters. In this Pinterest Pin, we've got a Mulan themed drink with Mango Vodka, a Little Mermaid drink with Blue Curacao, and a Belle drink with Creme de Banana.

Guest Book: "Capture that perfect day with this Disney wedding guest picture frame with Mickey Mouse head outline, with matching wood Mickey Mouse shape heads. Have your details and wedding date engraved into the Perspex frame alongside this ever popular Disney couple. "

There are hundreds of different ways to incorporate Disney into your wedding guest book, but this one is a keeper:

Flowers: I just love the idea of adding hidden Mickey's throughout your wedding. If you're a true Disney fan, you know exactly what hidden Mickey's are and you probably are already thinking of some ways to get those hidden Mickeys into your big day...consider flowers:

Cake: Of course, the easiest way to incorporate Disney into your Gilbert wedding is with the wedding cake:

No matter how you choose to incorporate the Happiest Place on Earth into your Gilbert wedding, there is no more magical place herein the valley then Val Vista Lakes.