After putting months and even years into planning your Gilbert, AZ wedding, it’s important to know that when the big day is over you’ll have some great memorabilia. One of the most popular mementos from your wedding reception will be your guest book. However, as special as guest books are, they can also be a little boring and impersonal.

Make your memorabilia extra special with one of these 5 unique guest book ideas:

1. A Signed Picture Frame
You can purchase a special mat that can be written on to
place inside a frame. Ask all of your guests to write their names and a note on the mat instead of in a book. Then, when the wedding is over, place the mat in a frame with a photo from the wedding.

2. A Group Finger Painting
Find a drawing of a bare tree or another simple image that can be added to. Have guests dip a finger in paint or ink and then place it on the image to add “leaves” or other features. They can sign below their names. You will end up with a completed image that’s very personal.

3. An Advice Book
Rather than having guests write their name in a book and then whatever else they can fit on the line, provide pages for guests to fill out. You can even include prompts. Ask for marriage advice and insight. Afterwards, collect all of the pages and assemble a guest book with a special touch.

4. A Collection of Future Predictions
For a more humorous take on a guest book, hand out pages for guests and ask them to write a little story about you and your new spouse’s future together. Offer examples to prompt creativity. Once your wedding is over you’ll have a laughable collection of stories and signatures.

5. A Photo Scrapbook
Ask guests to sign and decorate a page in a scrapbook. Have their photo taken while at the wedding and add that to the scrapbook later on so that you have a visual memory of the guests at your Gilbert, AZ wedding reception, too.