When planning your big day, there are many things and details that need to be considered. One thing that many couples tend to overlook is how they wish to welcome their guest when they arrive. A great way to do this is to create a unique gift basket. These bags can either be distributed at an event or at the guest hotel (so they can grab it before they check in). Many different things can be fit in a gift basket, and we have listed below some of our favorite ideas to get you started:

1. Custom Tote

You need something to pack in the basket and custom tote bags are no doubt the best to help hold everything together. IF you want to feel more splurging you can choose a customised tote that you can print your names on. If you are on a budget, you can go for a simple, solid-coloured gift bag.

2. Weekend Schedule and Maps

If you are having a destination wedding, then most out of town guest will likely be sticking around for some days and this is why it is essential you make sure your guests know where they should and at the right time. So, including a schedule, maps and any other relevant information will surely go a long way for them.

3. Drinks and snacks

Another great idea is to fill up the bag with bottled water, juice or some champagne. You can even print your custom labels on the drinks if you want to get a bit fancier. In addition to the drinks, you might want to add some snacks. Try to include both salty and sweet options.

4. Useful Items

We are humans, and we tend to forget somethings (especially when travelling). So, think of the things your guests may have forgotten, but they will probably need during their stay. Some of the items can include stain wipes, a sewing kit, wrinkle release spray, aspirin, lip balm, a lint roller, sunscreen, etc. Note that it's not a must that you include everything we’ve listed out, but adding some will be appreciated.

5. Postcards

Another inexpensive and fun addition to welcome bags is local postcards your guests can have some fun with. You can visit a local souvenir shop to pick out a few intentionally cheesy postcards or add vintage postcards. They are easy to find online or even at a local thrift store.