December is no doubt one of the most popular month to tight the knot with your soul mate. However, it’s no brainier that having a holiday wedding isn't nearly as common because fall is the most common season many couples decide to walk down the aisle.

What many couples do not understand is that planning a wedding for December and January may be an opportune time, as this period is around school breaks or work schedules. The only downside to holiday weddings is that your guest might not have time to attend the event due to the overlap of other events.

However, we have listed below things to keep in mind if you are committed to hosting your wedding around the holiday season. Read on:

1.    Consider a Smaller Guest List

The first thing you should keep in mind is that, even if you have been your holiday wedding for more than a year, there are chances that some guest will not be coming due to the choosing date as they will have their family celebrations to attend or due to other reasons like the high cost of travel during the holiday period. So, it is advisable that you consider making your wedding a more intimate if you're worried that you'll have a lot fewer guests in attendance.

2.    Family Comes First

Just as we stated earlier on it is advisable that you turn your wedding into a family-friendly affair if you're planning on inviting guests beyond families and your close friends. That will significantly increase the chance of your guests showing up as they won't have to choice than to attend your beautiful day.

3.    Shortlist Your Ideas

When you are having choosing what and what to add or remove from your plans, sit yourself down with your partner and pick your way through it. Set aside a time for this and keep an open mind as you discuss on the ideas – you can easily shortlist of destinations and venues naturally.

4.    Pick A Hue

Once you are done deciding on the bigger plans like your destination, venue, how to get your guest there, now it’s time to work on the more beautiful details. To get a starting point with the design, dress-up, and décor. You can as well follow the season trend – log fire flames ambers, snowy whites and red wines are winter hues for weddings. 

5.    Be Prepared for Higher Prices

Well, people might not tell you this, but because your wedding is booked for the holiday period where other people and vendors are wanting to spend time with their own families, the price of things like photography, catering, and others might be higher than it should be. So, be prepared to pay more for a wedding during the holiday period. This higher prices also applies to flights and hotel rooms. It is advisable that you book your hotel and flight in time before the price skyrocket, especially if you are having your wedding at a winter destination.