No wedding is as mesmerizing and beautiful as an October Wedding. Are you going to get married this year? If you have already fix your wedding day in summer, we insist you to delay your wedding date, and fix an October Wedding.  We are here giving 5 reasons that should coax you to fix your wedding in the month of October:

1.     Inclusion of fall colors in the wedding creates memories of unique colors.

The bride and bridesmaids, groom and his side of the party can experiment with a lot of fall colors – various shades of red, purple, magenta, brown, blue, black etc. The color of the sky, sunrise, morning and sunset also create a sense of contentment, satisfaction and relaxation for the couple, their families and guests.


2.     Crazier Ideas for Welcome Signs and Bars, Seating Arrangement, Bar Décor etc.

With rustic sign for welcoming guests to the Welcome-Table full of Pashminas, Blankets and Coffee-mugs, you can welcome your guests wholeheartedly. You can gift guests these goodies too. Also, fall wedding tablescape ideas such as little pumpkin, wood slices, antlers and rustic style Bar Décor can be done, which will give a soulful feeling to the wedding venue.


3.     Fall Wedding Treats: Chocolate Bars, Warmer Drinks, Pumpkin Pies, Creams etc.

Starters, main course and drinks will be enjoyed by your guests. But adding some fall treats, such as setting up Chocolate-Bar, serving toddy drinks, your collection of best vines, whisked-cream tables and pumpkin pies tables at different locations will leave your wedding’s mark on everyone’s memories forever.


4.     Fall-Wedding Photographs Are A Treat For The Eyes.

Weather of October is so beautiful. Colors of the trees, leaves, buildings and even ground look amazingly gorgeous in the photographs. Your wedding photo album becomes a collection of classic, rustic and unique pictures for you to look back.


5.     Decoration of Venue with Fall Foliage

Fall foliage can be used in centerpieces of tables, bouquets and the decoration of the venue in simpler manner. You can incorporate rustic leaves of the fall with fall blooming flowers. The simpler look of the wedding venue with fall foliage looks just very serene, peaceful, placid and calm.


These gorgeous colors, crazy ideas, cooler feeling of outdoors with fall decor, comforting food ideas etc. are some of reasons to delay your June-Wedding for October Wedding.