Have you bought your Valentine’s Day gift for your fiance yet? There’s two kinds of couples who celebrate Valentine’s Day - the flowers-and-card types and the jewelry-and-dinner type. Which type are you? To be honest, there’s the third type of couple who just ignores the entire thing and sees Valentine’s Day as a commercial holiday for companies to make money. Here at Val Vista Lakes, your award-winning wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona, we take Valentine’s Day seriously, and think that couples should celebrate this day! Have fun with it!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day
If you’re newly engaged and here on the Val Vista Lakes website checking out our wedding venue, our amazing gallery, our great prices or our informational wedding blog, everyday is Valentine’s Day, right!? I mean, you’re in love - head over heels in love - just engaged, and planning to spend the rest of your life with your partner. These are the best days of your life! Celebrate it.

If you’ve been married for some time now, you know the drill and you know exactly what Valentine’s Day has in store - maybe dinner and a movie, flowers at work, a card when you get home. It’s nice, predictable, sweet and dependable. Why not shake things up this year?

Here’s why we think that every couple, married, engaged or just having fun, should celebrate Valentine’s Day:

1. Christmas - Valentine’s Day is like Christmas for couples. It comes once a year, causes people to behave in ways they wouldn’t normally, and then is gone. Valentine’s Day is like Christmas in that we wish the season would last all year, we wish the gratitude, love, and appreciation would remain all year, but it’s one day. The difference between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is that this is the one day out of the year that you can have an excuse for being a hopeless romantic - a fool for love.

2. Date Night - When was the last time you and your partner had a date night? I mean a real date night that might have been a bit more pricey than usual, included some nicer drinks, and didn’t involve picking up the kids afterwards or rushing home to watch your favorite TV show? Valentine’s Day gives couples the excuse to get a babysitter or have the kids spend the night at a friends or grandparents house, spend some money, and do soemthing for them and no one else. This is a beautiful thing!

3. Reminisce - Valentine’s Day also affords you and your partner the opportunity the reminisce about your first day, the first time you met. It’s an excuse to remember the moments you really laughed together, really cried together, and really celebrated together.

4. Be Spontaneous - Valentine’s Day gives couples the excuse to be silly and spontaneous, doing things that they probably wouldn’t do on any other normal day. Take a risk on this Valentine’s Day, and so something a little bit crazy.

5. LOVE - Life gets busy. From work to extended family, friends, kids, and everything in between. Love and your relationship can easily get lost in the mix. Even if you aren’t the Valentine’s Day type, this is the best day of the year to avoid life all together and be with the person you married, or are going to marry, or love. It’s the one day of the year that you can get a babysitter and not feel guilty, or leave work early and not get reprimanded, or splurge a little bit on your partner and not argue about money. This is your day!

Here at Val Vista Lakes, the best wedding venue in Gilbert, Arizona, we invite you to take full advantage of Valentine’s Day!