Fall is nearly here. In know it might not feel like it yet in Gilbert, where the temperatures are still well over 100-degrees, but in just another few months we'll be basking in beautiful weather surrounded by Fall colors...

Ok, maybe not Fall colors here in Gilbert, Fall colors at your wedding! So, while it might not seem like Fall is around the corner, let's dive in to some hot trends for when it cools down. 

Topless Cakes: The clean, simple and elegant look of wedding cakes without toppers will still be hot for Fall, particularly surrounded by cool browns, oranges and yellows. Not only are cakes going "topless," they are also getting smaller. Gone are the Fall days of 8-tiered wedding cakes. These days it's simple with three layers. 

Two-Piece Dresses: While the cakes might be less layered, wedding dresses are becoming more layered. This Fall, two-piece wedding dresses will be very hot when it's cold outside. Long sleeves and separated tops are not only comfortable, they will be everywhere. 

Green and Lush: Flowers for Fall will still be green and lush. Think leafy greens and wine-colored dahlias. 

Stations: Hot chocolate stations are always hot during Fall, but so are sauce stations, donut stations and make-your-own drink stations. 

Lighting: Lighting has always been a huge part of any wedding, but everything from string lighting to mason-jars and old-school lanterns will be hot this Fall. 

Have you found your wedding venue yet? This Fall, choose the only wedding venue in Gilbert...actually, in all of Arizona, that has beachfront property!