Fall and October doesn't have to be all pumpkins and leaves.

In fact, your Fall wedding can be anything you want it to be...

Roses, tulips, purples, greens, blues, beachy, nautical or traditional. It's your day, it should be whatever you want it to be no matter what time of year you decided upon.

Today, I want to focus on centerpieces. Specifically, centerpieces that are not pumpkin or leaves, but still fall within that Autumn-themed wedding category.

How About Tulips?

Why not throw everyone off by having a centerpiece of tulips in the middle of October?!

How About a Rustic, Rose Centerpiece?

Rustic weddings are all the rage, even during October, so why not take it up a notch with a rustic Fall wedding that doesn't involve Fall leaves...

Ok, So I Lied...

This centerpiece is definitely Fall inspired, but how could I not include it?! It's unique and amazing!

Books and More Books

I just love the idea of making a wedding uniquely personal, and what better way to do that than by including your favorite books, or books that explore your favorite interests or hobbies as a couple?

Another Unique Centerpiece

There's just something about a beautifully unique tree that screams memorable and innovative:

Look, Fall doesn't hvae to mean a seasonally-themed wedding that fits perfectly into the box. It's your big day! Make it whatever you want!