Did that title throw you off? Country western barn ideas at a beach wedding. Well, at Val Vista Lakes here in Gilbert, we are one of the only wedding venues in the state of Arizona that can offer beachfront property...

So, if you're looking to stay on trend and have a country western wedding, you can actually have one at a wedding venue with a beach without going to Mexico or California!

Barrels: What's a country western wedding without some barrels, maybe even old whiskey barrels, acting as bar tops and appetizer tables? Barrels make a great addition to any country western wedding at Val Vista Lakes. 

Mason Jar Tea Lights: It's not a county western wedding without mason jars, right? Now, imagine an array of candle-lit mason jars in the reflection of the lake here at Val Vista Lakes...beautiful, right?

Rustic Wedding Photo Display: I love the idea of adding some vintage flare to your country western wedding in Gilbert. A rustic wedding photo display, perhaps even on the barrels with mason jar lighting, makes for a great mood-setter and conversation starter.

Country Western Wedding Flowers: Of course, you'll want to consider adding wildflowers to your Val Vista Lakes wedding to compliment the country western feel. But you can also consider succulents, fern, roses or hydrangea. 

Boots: It's just not a country western wedding without boots. Whether you're wearing them or using them as wedding decor, you must have boots at your wedding...if you're going for that western feel.

 Of course, you can always toss off the boots for some toes in the sand kind of photos too!