Everyone loves a beach wedding, especially here in Arizona. Maybe it's because we don't have beaches of our own, or because we're only four to six hours away from the beach, if you're driving...but Arizonans love beach-themed weddings.

With one of the most common wedding themes, especially here at Val Vista Lakes where you can actually have a beach-themed wedding with your toes in the sand, it's easy to make mistakes.

We're here to make sure that you don't make some of the most common beach wedding mistakes...because we've seen it all...

Beach Wedding Mistakes

1. Select the Right Location - The biggest mistake that couples make when planning their beach wedding is to select the wrong location. Beaches can be deceiving. They are constantly changing in terms of the tide, but also in terms of the crowds. Just because you visited a beach on a Sunday afternoon in May and it's beautiful with perfect tide and no crowds, doesn't necessarily mean that in May of the following year that public beach will look the same or be as empty.

Here at Val Vista Lakes, our beach doesn't deal with the flow of ocean tides, and you always know the beach-goers.

2. Too Many Sea Shells - I LOVE sea shells. I love walking on the beach and collecting them, I love deciding how to decorate with them, I love finding the most unique specimens possible. But, with that said, I've learned over the years as a wedding pro that there is such a thing as too many sea shells. A common mistake that quite a few couples make is to simply overdo the beach theme. Too many sea shells, to much sand, too much fish netting, too many sea horses and anchors and colored glass. 

Here at Val Vista Lakes, where you actually have a beach to become inspired by, you don't need to overdo the beach-themed decor.

3. Sound Systems - When you get married on a public beach, the sound system is often one of the last things you're thinking about. But, it is incredibly necessary. The last thing that you want is everyone straining to hear you say "I Do" over a crowd on the beach who has gathered to strain to listen as well.

Here at Val Vista Lakes, our intimate setting can sometimes make the need for sound systems unnecessary.

4. Guest Comfort - Getting married on the beach automatically comes with the assumption of relaxation and comfort. In reality, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to assume that everyone will be comfortable with sand in their...well, everywhere...and chairs that never actually sit comfortably. You must also factor in the sun, the heat or cold, and the wind.

Here at Val Vista Lakes, our chairs are made for comfort. At sunset, our wedding space sits perfectly beneath a towering waterfall. And, on windy days the breeze is mostly blocked by Holiday Mountain. Truly, it's perfect for a beach wedding.

5. Attire - Many times wedding guests, the wedding party and the wedding couple will underestimate the weather and conditions associated with having a wedding on the beach. There will be sand EVERYWHERE. There will be wind. There will be a blazing sun. And there will be a chilly sunset. 

Here at Val Vista Lakes in Gilbert, Arizona, the consistent weather during every season is perfect for a beach wedding. We know that in the summer it will be scorching with a chance of monsoons and dust storms. We also know that in the winter there will be rain, and in the Fall and Spring there will be perfection.