Whether this is your third wedding, or your first, there will still be moments that catch you by surprise. There will still be moments that take your breath away and cause you to pause and actually notice the moment...

These moments will hit you no matter how many times you've walked down the aisle, or how prepared you think you might be. 

10 Minutes Before: As prepared as you might think you are, there will come a moment about 10 to 15 minutes before you walk down the aisle...when the hair and makeup is done...when the dress is on and the girls are ready...when there's silence and waiting. It might be a split second as you're actually standing near the aisle, or it might be 10 minutes before the wedding as you sit in your "get ready" room. 

In these moments before the "I Do," it will hit you. It will be quick and completely overwhelming...far more overwhelming than you imagined. Have a tissue handy, because in this fleeting moment, when the reality of your wedding hits you, there will be tears...

You Will Cry: Ok, maybe you're not a big crier. Maybe you're not the type that cries at weddings. Not everyone sheds a tear at weddings, but this is different...this is your wedding. It might be when you see your bride for the first time, or when you see your groom for the first time. It might be when you dance together as a married couple for the first time. For many, that moment of overwhelming emotions tends to come at the point where you speak your vows...in front of everyone. 

This is the moment you confess your deepest love to your partner, and it's often in this moment that the reality of your wedding will hit hard enough to cause at least a few sniffles. 

You Will Be Tired: The wedding night is the night of magic, right? It's the first night together as a married couple. You'll whisk away to your honeymoon destination and spend the whole night...not sleeping. Well, here's the real deal, you're going to be exhausted, and this often comes as a surprise, even to the most energetic couples. 

But, when you stop to think about it, your wedding day is nonstop rush from morning until night. And, quite honestly, it's been nonstop rush for the past few weeks getting ready for this big day. You're coming into your wedding day with emotions running high, which can be exhausting by itself. You're dancing and laughing, crying and chatting, and probably not eating dinner. 

Expect the unexpected on your wedding day. Know that now matter what happens, this is your wedding, and the greatest day of your life.