Planning for your upcoming Gilbert, AZ can be complicated, but there are several things that you can do in order to make your wedding planning process easier and more convenient for you. When planning your wedding be sure to consult with at least one wedding planning expert, but also follow some of these tips and tricks to plan the wedding of your dreams and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Budget everything carefully

To avoid having to spend more money than you want to, be sure to budget everything upfront carefully. You will want to spend about half of your wedding budget on the reception, about 10 percent for flowers, 10 percent for entertainment, 10 percent for attire, and smaller percentages for photos, gifts, invites and miscellaneous costs. You will also want to have about 5 to 10 percent of your budget as an emergency fund in case you need to get a last minute vendor or get anything else that you might need right before the wedding.

Choose the people you want to be there

Really spend some time to think about the people who you really want to be at your wedding and invite them first. When you have a limited number of people you need to really prioritize with your choices and make sure that you get everyone who you couldn’t imagine being there. Then have a second and third tier and so on. Also, be prepared for the fact that sometimes up to 20 to 30 percent of the people you invite won’t be able to make it.

Plan ahead

It really isn’t too soon to start planning ahead for your wedding in Gilbert, AZ when you know that you are going to have one. Be sure that you spend the time needed to go through a list of venues to pick the right one. Talk to planning experts and get a good idea on the proper timeline that you need to follow with your wedding planning efforts. Be sure that you don’t start too close to your date. Planning up to a year ahead of time is perfectly normal and with all the details that go into a wedding it’s a good idea to do this.