It’s hot and sticky outside, and if you have an outdoor summer wedding planned at Val Vista Lakes, you’ll want to take note of some alternatives to a sticky, hot and uncomfortable outdoor summer wedding.

First off, at Val Vista Lakes we have our beautiful banquet hall, and an outdoor space next to a beachfront pool nestled into a waterfall. Are you cooling down yet? 

Planning a Gilbert wedding for the summer can be rough. You never know when the monsoon storms will come rolling in, when the dust storms will attack, and when temperatures will reach extreme heat. We’ve already broken some records this summer here in Arizona, and it’s not over yet.

So, what can you do to cool down a hot summer wedding outdoors in Arizona? Follow these Gilbert wedding tips from the wedding professionals at Val Vista Lakes.

1. Choose A Location with a Cool Atmosphere – If you must have an outdoor wedding during an Arizona summer month, choose your Gilbert wedding venue wisely. It’s going to be hot, no matter what the venue coordinator says, but, if the temps aren’t that extreme, you can almost fool your guests into thinking it’s not as hot as it seems with a cool environment. For example, at Val Vista Lakes, our outdoor ceremony site is tucked up against a cascading waterfall surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flowers.

Additionally, our outdoor beachfront pool provides that illusion of cool temperatures.

2. Formal vs Casual – A formal wedding during an Arizona summer, outdoors, is just a bad idea. Your guests will be hot, sweaty, and irritable. They will be literally roasting in the hot sun in their Sunday best, and they’ll blame you for it.

If you must have an outdoor Gilbert wedding during an Arizona summer month like June, July or August, consider a more casual wedding where guests are free to wear lighter summer dresses, even shorts, instead of ties.

3. Quick and Fun – A Gilbert wedding in the summer sun should mean quick, light and fun. As with tip number 2, keep things light and fun. The winter months are for formal, ceremonial and stiff weddings; the summer and spring months are for fun, light and celebratory Gilbert weddings. Keep it simple and get your guests indoors as soon as possible.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guests and Gilbert wedding party members literally pass out from standing in the hot sun even for less than an hour.

There are always options if you must have an Arizona summer wedding. At Val Vista Lakes, with our lush outdoor ceremony scene and our enormous indoor space, you can still have a beautiful Gilbert wedding in the summer. Give us a call today!