When you live in Gilbert, choosing the right theme for your wedding can be tough. You don't want a common theme but you want to make sure that everyone gets the message and not spending the entire day explaining the theme you picked.

One thing is for sure. You have plenty of options in what concerns getting the right summer wedding theme for your Gilbert's wedding. So, here are 3 themes you may like:

#1: The Roaring Twenties

A lot of people simply love the Twenties. It's just those years where jazz bands were a must, the Art-Deco inspired stationery too place, the extremely adorned headpieces, and the tailored suits with waistcoats.

If you're into this style, here are some of the things you can use to have the best wedding ever:

- Huge feathered accessories;

- A candelabra, especially if it is draped in pearls;

- Large but yet subtle colored bouquets;

- A color scheme that tends to be neutral. Some good choices are beiges, soft grays, subtle silvers, pale pinks or a simple black and white scheme.

#2: Outdoors Eco Chic

This is a true bohemian theme and if you love the outdoors, you're going to love it. This is also a great theme in case you want to have a low-budget wedding since there are many things you can do on your own.

You can choose local farmers to source your catering or print the invitations in recycled paper.

If you're into this style, here's what you need to create the perfect atmosphere:

-  Fill in some beer bottles or jam jars with tea lights;

- Make your eyes smoky and loose your hair;

- Use wildflowers for centerpieces, bouquets, and even headwear.

#3: Romantic Gothic

This is not the true Gothic theme but an Edwardian theme where you incorporate elegance, red roses, and corset dresses that should be adorned with antique laces.

In Gilbert, you should be able to find a venue that includes some gothic features like flocked candle holders, for example. In terms of your wedding dress, you don't want to use a lot of dark colors. So, you can still have an amazing while or pearl dress that you combine with a sash bow or belt to incorporate the theme of the wedding.

Here's what you need to make sure you get everything gothic romantic:

- You should use some gothic style fonts on your wedding invitations;

- The cutlery should be vintage and silver;

- Find some amazing Edwardian wedding rings;

- Use shiny black or deep red nails.